May 28, 2002 - 10:00pm (Eastern Time)

SPECIAL GUEST: Freida Burt with ABC Embroidery
TOPIC: "Hoop It Right The First Time!"

Moderator: Welcome to tonight's special event: "Hoop It Right The First Time!"

Alan: Welcome to tonight's special event.
Alan: Tonight's special event will start with a 30 minute interview, then we will open it up for questions from the audience for the second half hour.
Alan: Throughout the event all questions submitted go to an off screen moderator, to allow for grouping of questions.
Alan: Tonight we are going to discuss: "Hoop it Right the First Time!"
Alan: Our guest tonight is Freida Burt with ABC Embroidery
Alan: Welcome Freida, Thank you. I am so glad to be here!
Alan: Glad you could be with us tonight
Alan: Before we get into the topic,
Alan: why don't you tell us little bit about ABC Embroidery, and what you do there. Thank you, I would love to. I'm sure I have met a lot of you at one or more of the sewing and embroidery expos. As an educator with ABC I travel and teach all over the US ABC embroidery is located in Columbus, MS We are wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers of machine embroidery supplies and products.
Alan: what do you teach in your travels I teach classes mainly related to correct stabilization and hooping.
Alan: Well that is a great lead-in to tonight's topic then
Alan: "Hoop it Right the First Time!"
Alan: Tell us about it Yes it is isn't it? can I tell you a little more about ABC?
Alan: sure There are several facets to our company. In addition to supplies, we specialize in putting people into the embroidery business.
Alan: how do you do that? We have 3 brands of commercial emb. machines and assist people in the effort of getting their business started. Knowing the potential pitfalls of starting a new business, we developed a system approach, including education
Alan: do you specialize in any certain area of embroidery startups? Most of our people are individuals who start their business at home. We also have a supply division We have everything from thread to pre-cut stabilizers to unique items like hoop spreaders, and emb. wand We are probably best know as the creators of the Embroiderer's Friend, the Snappy, Hoop Mates, and the Embroiderer's Buddy .Would you like for me to tell you about these products?
Alan: Oh yeah... I've heard of those.
Alan: Yes, please do These are all hooping and aligning products. The Embroiderer's Friend is designed to hold your hoop straight and exactly where you want it on all garments and flat items. It comes with universal brackets that work with all brands and sizes of hoops. The advantages include perfectly straight and precisely positioned embroidery every time. The EF is available in 4 sizes, adult, youth, infan/pant/sleeve, and the newest, the plus size. The suggested retail for the adult or youth is $69. The Infant/pant/sleeve is $59 and the new plus is $89. There is a video available with them.
Alan: what is that cost for? The cost is for the individual sizes of the Emb. Friend. The Hoop Mates is a step-up version.
Alan: Is there something it goes with, or is that for the whole system for that size That is a complete price. The Hoop Mate is a unit with three sizes of board and comes with a sturdy base, made to allow the HM to work on an angle. Many professional embroiders (as well as household) use the HM
Alan: I have gone to your website and shown the audience your items It is especially quick because it uses quick change brackets. I see you have a picture of it. Great! Another great product is the Snappy that makes the hooping process so easy because it takes the pressure off hands and wrists. Also makes for much more even hooping You can use the Snappy with or without these other products and vise versa The Snappy retails for 89. Most stores get $299 tp $349 for the Hoop Mate. We have a brand new product called the Embroiderer's Buddy. Can I tell you about It?
Alan: Quickly.. as we are about ready to open it for quesitons OKay, its an placement tool that has industry standard placements for the most popular sizes. There's the picture. Great Stores and distributors tell us it's the hottest emb. item on the market
Alan: How can I get one? The retail is $18.99
Alan: Ready to open the floor to questions from our audience? Professional emb. and store owners can order directly from us on our 800 # or by email. Others can see their local dealer or call us and we will help your nearestl a dealer. I'm ready for question.
Moderator: Audience member says: "What are hoop Spreaders & embroidery wand?" First, the hoop spreader is a little "spring " that is applied to the tension area to let it expand. Makes pre setting tension so easy The wand pushes tail and loops to the back. For great clean up.
Moderator: Audience member says: "Is the embroiderer's friend just for alignment, or is it for hooping?" It is for alignment in that it hold the bottom hoop in place and still so the outside hoop can't move. It hoop in hooping consequently.
Moderator: Audience member says: "What is the Buddy made out of?" An extremely durable poly-styrene plastic. Almost unbreakable. Do you want me to give you some hints on stabilizing and hooping correctly?
Alan: yes, please do Very important, choose good quaility stabilizers and products that were designed for embroidery, not interfacing, and stuff like that. Hoop your stabl. with the item. Do slide stab. under the hoop. The 2 must act as a unit!
Moderator: Audience member says: "The tear away backing I currently use leaves a fuzzy appearance once removed........can you recommend one that will not" Make the right formula. Garment relaxed inside the hoop, stab. taut. Thank is not necessarily a bad thing. The fuzzy can be an indication of a good one, meaning that it tears away in a feathered manner, withstanding needle penetration. Doesn't tear away while you are embroidering. Also fuzzy is comfortable to body before washing
Moderator: Audience member says: "Are heavy cutaway backings better for those thin jersey knits or would you use two thinner pieces?" ABC has a great tearaway with just the right balance. It is a tearaway/washaway.
Moderator: Audience member says: "Should I use both tearaway and cutaway when hooping golf shirts?" depends on quaility of the stab. Be sure to use cutaway. Also depends on shadow. Use Poly mesh if you do not want it to show. Ususally don't need 2 layers. If you are doing a monogram, you usually want a heavier one
Moderator: Audience member says: "We have the Perfect Hooper, how does that compare to HoopMates ? " The P.Hooper and HM are simular but the HM has more size options and easier to mount different size hoops plus a very comfortable angle.
Moderator: Audience member says: "Is there differnt qualities of poly mesh, I don't feel like on layer is enough of what I have" I don't know of more that one. You will in some cases need to use more than 1
Moderator: Audience member says: "Does the HoopMates have an alinement to keep the hoops straight with out measuring them" I don't understand the ? Instructions show you how to place the hoop so it aligns to where you want the emb.
Moderator: Audience member says: "With Perfect hooper their is no bracket to keep the hoops straight with the fabric as you are hooping" The brackets hold the hoop straight to the HM and attact to the HM
Moderator: Audience member says: "Why not use all tear way or all cutaway? Are they that different?" To answer an earier ? You can use a tearaway under a cut away.
Moderator: Audience member says: "So if your garment is straight your design should also be straight" Yes, there is a tremendous diff. in tearaway and cutaway. With knit, you need cut. so that you stabl stays with the item after emb. and does not allow the garment to stretch (among other things) Proffessional use more cut. than tear. A good rule is if in doubt, use cutaway. One prof. say "if in doubt, use cutaway, when not in doubt, use cutaway anyway
Alan: I like that saying!
Moderator: Audience member says: "I use both most of the time, cutaway just in case I need to remove something/"
Moderator: Audience member says: "What about on 3-D embroidery full front on a T-shirt. would you use teaaway?" About the garment being straight, the garment may not be straight. If you use the EF or HM it will hang straight because it will hang as the garment would on a person. No, never use tearaway on a knit!
Moderator: Audience member says: "Sorry, I got that backwards, I put tearaway on everything though." There is no one stabl. fits all. In general, use tear. for stable woven, cutaway for knits and unstable. Use sprays and stickly carfully and sparingly on things you can not or should not hoop. If you have questions that were not answered, I would love to hear from you by email!
Moderator: Audience member says: "Won't the foam keep the shape of the embroidery?"
Alan: last question No, not necessarily. iT IS only temporary and will not last. Remember, you are embroidering the stabilizer not the garment. The garment is along for the ride. The stab. does the support!
Alan: Well once again that time has arrived to bring this portion of the event to a close.
Alan: You can reach Freida at:
Alan: Or through her company's website:
Alan: Freida, thanks for being with us tonight.
Alan: That is the conclusion of tonight's event, a transcript will be posted to the Embroidery Industry Calendar within the hour. Thank you! It was fun.
Alan: Please stay and chat at Latte's.
Alan: Thank you for your support of the EmbroideryMall.

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